Customer Feedback

BIM Director

Businesses need to adapt and to do that they will need to attract the right people, people who not only have the right experience, knowledge and leadership but the right attitude to accept change as a way of life.

Having employed Chris on a number of occasions to find the right resource, I know from experience that he and his colleagues understand what is required in today's industry and would recommend his company to anybody who is looking for the right quality staff to embrace change and move their business forward.

Architectural Director

I agree that we have the same take on things and you can rest assured that you offer a very different service to that of your competitors in Adelaide.

Director - Design & Build Contractor

I use Chris Tan because he has taken the time to understand our business in terms of both our technical requirements but more particularly our cultural requirements. Attitude and personality fit are essential to us and Chris understands this. He does not bombard me with CV's of unsuitable people but rather saves my time by only sending quality candidates. Chris has also been quite innovative with some of our particularly hard to fill positions by providing some outstanding people from the UK.

Project Director - Developer

This wasn't a simple role to fill. We had very specific requirements, and some lateral thinking was required to find the right candidate.

Chris's personal attention and promptness in finding a suitable candidate saved us from potentially a long campaign to fill this vacancy.

It was an urgent requirement, quickly fulfilled.

I'm very happy with the outcome.

HR Manager - Civil / Structural Consultancy

We really appreciate your efforts and enjoy the simple, uncomplicated process, which you always seem to achieve.

Project Manager

It was a pleasure dealing with Chris at every stage. From our first meeting he understood what I was trying to achieve and set out to achieve it. He managed my expectations through the process and at every stage was calm and professional, communicating good and bad news swiftly, clearly and openly, until ultimately reaching a very successful outcome. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris to candidates and recruiters alike.

Senior Project Manager - Civil Contractor

We have been using the services of CTC over the past 12 months and found them to understand our business and hence the type of people we are looking to join our Company. It is not just about a persons experience but about how the culturally will fit into the organisation. This is something that we have found many recruitment companies over look.

Civil Manager - Civil / Structural Consultancy

We use Chris to assist us to grow our engineering team due to his:

> knowledge of the engineering community and its members > understanding of the companies within the industry, their operations and reputations > networking skills, resulting in significant candidate choice > his rapport with the candidates that utilise his services > astute assessment of a candidate's abilities and their fit to our organisation > his resolve to place a candidate in the most appropriate location for them and not just the first company that expresses an interest or offers the highest salary.

HR Manager

Are you an exceptional Engineer Do you have the very best managing your career? Do you want a true assessment of your employability?

Are you looking for the very best specialists of every Engineering flavour? If you are, talk to Chris about finding you professional Engineers that are fully vetted and available?

This business mined, incredibly skilled professional Recruitment Agent is the best person you can know.

Chris and his team will sort you right out, help you polish your skills, your presentation and build you into a team of operators that suit you and your ambitions.

His placements stick and companies thrive on the skilled staff that he provides. Chris is all business and will call a spade a spade - but let face it that's why he is the best!

Chris has placed me and has placed many many highly skilled people in the organisations for whom I have been Recruitment Manager in the last 6 years.

Frankly I would not move jobs without consulting with him, nor hire an engineer without contacting him first.

Operations Manager - Construction Company

Chris Tan Consulting have been working with us for a number of years.

Chris and his team have a very good network through both the consulting and construction fraternity particularly at the senior professional levels. For us this has brought a variety of new employee opportunities to us.

Chris' proposals are always well researched and very targeted. For us this means an efficient and effective approach to recruitment. We don't like being a letterbox and Chris' approach has been refreshing.

Principal Hydrogeologist / Environmental Manager - Multi Disciplined Consultancy

Chris Tan Consulting has provided professional and personalised recruitment services that have assisted our business to grow. CTC have an excellent understanding of the environmental market and provides a comprehensive assessment of potential staffing options.

Human Resources Manager - International Multi-Disciplined Consultancy

Chris Tan Consulting has provided our business with a very specialised and unique recruiting service. Unlike other recruiting services we have used in the past, CTC adopts a genuine consulting approach and delivers honest appraisals on candidates and resourcing strategies.

Consultancy Director

I have been very happy working with Chris Tan Consulting in previous organisations to recruit staff - and now as a Director of ... I have continued my relationship with CTC.

As a Client of CTC, I have always found them realistic in their presentations of candidates and highly professional in working through the challenges of recruiting from both the Client and candidate's perspective.

I have also recommended many of my friends to Chris Tan when they have been assessing options in the industry and he has successfully placed them in good organisations suited to their skills. Chris has been a first port of call for me in large part due to his knowledge of the talent pool and the resource needs of the industry.

He is also very good at understanding the key drivers and motivations for people looking to change organisations and has a key focus on looking for the best career path for his candidates - to the extent that I have known him to recommend people to stay at their existing organisation if he feels that is the best career option for them (feedback for which they are usually thankful for a few months later).

In a nutshell, a great company if you have recruitment needs or should you want to discuss your own career or recommend a friend.

Operations Manager - Multi-Disciplined Consultancy made the recruitment process easy as a result of the open and honest discussions we had with you. I never felt there were any hidden agendas, and as the employer I felt you took a balanced approach in regards to ensuring our best interest were looked after, as well as meeting the needs of the candidate. We feel CTC has a good understanding of our business and the way we operate, hence why the candidates are always a good fit for our business.

Business Consultant

Danielle represents a fresh, original and thorough approach to a service industry that is quite often misunderstood. Her ability to react quickly and effectively, provide confidence and value to those needing her professional support and service. Despite Danielle being relatively new to the recruitment industry, her style and legitimate "care factor" are well worth experiencing first hand. The support and knowledge that sit behind her at CTC make her a very valuable asset to the human resource industry. I would certainly recommend Danielle.

Internal Recruitment Manager - Multi Disciplined Consultancy

The consultants at CTC make an effort to understand our business needs as well as our culture. This understanding results in the employment of talented and well suited candidates from CTC into our business.

Industry Director - Structural, Building Services

CTC have aligned their recruitment focus with our business strategy and our need to secure high calibre candidates.

State Manager - International Consultancy

CTC have established themselves as a reliable recruitment consultancy for us. They have endeavoured to get a good understanding of our business and our office to ensure that candidates are of the correct skill level and ‘fit'.

Manager, multi disciplinary consultancy

Chris and his team offer professional services that include honest appraisals of candidate suitability and capability, along with a long term relationship based approach to supporting our recruitment needs.

Commercial Manager - Engineering Consultancy

We have been dealing with Chris Tan Consulting since their inception, and have always found them to be extremely straight, honest and responsive. As a busy person, I particularly appreciate their dogged determination to remain in contact with us and the candidate, in order to help us "close the offer".

Environmental Manager - Multi Disciplined Consultancy

Working with CTC is unlike working with other recruitment companies. It's more like a 'recruitment relationship' and they're not willing to jeapordise that by recommending the wrong person. They understand the market I'm in, listen to what I need, and by the calibre of people they have provided, really want my business to succeed.

Division Director

We use Kellie and she is outstanding - the best we use..

Property Manager

"Andy Robertson should be commended for his communication and management of the entire recruitment process; it was very smooth indeed.  He also offered valuable insight and advice on the roles on offer."

HR Manager

I have worked with Kellie for over 7 years. Kellie has always been proactive, energetic and honest in all interactions and I can rely on Kellie to assist with any role that I might need filled urgently. Kellie has a great knowledge of the construction industry and has forge many relationships that assist in getting the best candidates in the ever evolving construction industry!

Senior HR Advisor

Kellie and I have had a long relationship which started as business but has turned personal also. She is like family now!

Kellie is professional and caring in her approach and works hard to fulfil the requirements we place on her as a client. She is friendly and giving in all that she does for others and is a true example of what a strong business woman should be. Recruiting and working in the construction industry can be tough but Kellie makes it look easy and you can tell its done with love and passion.

Recently my brother was struggling to find work following completion of his degree, so I reached out to Kellie for help. He’s now done several placements for her client and is a new person with the strength and knowledge he’s taken from each role.

HR Manager

It gives me great pleasure to write about Kellie who I have been working with for over 7 years.

During this time, Kellie has become an extended part of our HR team, we work with her to ensure she provides us with good quality candidates right across our group

When I think of Kellie, I think of someone who has the innate ability to build strong and mutually respected relationships and ensures all her placements are about making certain the fit is right for everyone

Kellie is the most personable and professional recruiter I deal with. She is invested not only in (company) and not only her candidates, but also in myself and my team. To have such honest and open dialogue within recruitment can be very hard to find, but with Kellie it is easy and seamless.

 Her knowledge of who’s who in south Australia construction industry is second to none. She is genuine, honest and an absolute pleasure to deal with.


State Manager

Kellie always has a proactive and engaged approach. The difference I witnessed with Kellie is she puts great effort in to understanding and getting to know the people not just the business. 

She encourages everyone to always push to improve and rise to the challenge however she is always close when that person needs that little bit more encouragement to keep going.

Kellie has a strong motivation to add value to her industry and enable those around her to achieve their goals.

Always a pleasure working with Kellie



HR Manager

I have known and worked with Kellie since my joining of the construction industry almost 6 years ago.

Kellie’s ability to build relationships is one of her strongest attributes.

She has exceptional interpersonal skills and in developing relationships, she has the ability to foster trust which is a key ingredient.

Above all, what resinates the strongest is Kellie’s integrity. As a HR professional, integrity is one of my personal attributes and it’s great working with Kellie knowing our values are aligned.

On a personal note, Kellie has a big heart and is just a wonderful person to know!

Often our work conversations will stray to family and personal chat’s and from this I’ve learned that she is a genuine and caring person and is a good friend to all those close to her.

Kellie always has a smile and her positive energy is infectious.

It would be wonderful to see all of Kellie’s efforts and dedication to our industry acknowledged through this NAWIC award – she is very well deserving of such an honour and she has my full support! 



Over many years I have watched Kellie grow in her professionalism, maturity and expertise with a constant and unwavering commitment to her profession.  Kellie has recruited a range of roles for me during my time with Programmed Property Services and I have also had the pleasure of working alongside of her in coaching other executives.  Kellie is an authentic, dedicated and passionate recruiter.  She is consistent in her drive to find the right person for the job by understanding both the brief, the employer and the candidate at a very deep level setting up countless long term success stories.  Some people spend their lives looking for the right job for themselves – not only has Kellie found and grown in hers, but she does so for many many others.


Mechanical Engineer

I can wholeheartedly state that CTC is the most pre-active and hard-working recruitment consultancy I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They are extremely well networked and achieved more in terms of leads into suitable posts than any other consultancy I contacted. What I found refreshing is that they do not pressure you into making a choice - preferring you to take the right position, not the first. I fully recommend their services to any other engineers migrating from the UK.

Project Engineer

Chris and his team put in great effort for me. Chris assessed my requirements, thoughts and considerations for a new position, then put in the energy to identify and help secure a new position. All is going well in the new position.

Project Manager - Mining & Industry

I arrived in Australia, from the UK, in August 2007 as part of the SA skilled immigration program. After an initial settling in period I trawled through the papers looking for employment. Ultimately I replied to an advert by CTC for a number of positions they had to fill. From the first call I was made to feel at ease and encouraged to talk about myself, my experience, my qualifications and my aspirations. I received guidance and coaching in presenting my UK resume/CV in a format more acceptable to the Australian market. From the first meeting with CTC I was kept informed of any developments/strategies regarding my circulation in the market place. Ultimately I received the call advising that an opportunity had arisen and an interview set up. Not even at this did CTC sit back. I received background information on the company I was to attend for an interview and even background on the individuals whom I would be meeting. This all led to a very successful interview and subsequent employment.

I had visited a number of recruitment agencies like CTC and found CTC to be, quite definitely, the most professional and personally minded.

For this I remain very grateful.

Structural Engineer

Staff at CTC have vast 'up to date' information and knowledge in the Engineering field. This significantly impacts in helping candidates choose the right career paths and developments. Co-ordinations and follow ups are also incredibly well timed and organised!

Natural Resource Scientist

I just wanted to email and say thank you for your assistance during my move to … Your insight into the industry and advice were very helpful to me in making my decision.

Senior Mechanical Project Manager

I couldn’t fault your effort in closing out this contract given the difficult circumstances with the timing and distance involved. I wish you and your team all the best in the future.

Commercial Manager - Construction Company

I have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my colleagues – you have been great...

Civil Engineer

CTC took a genuine interest in developing my career and provided valuable support in finding a role that would fulfil my goals and  expectations and allow me to thrive. Chris took the time to learn more about what made me tick, and found employers with the culture, roles and atmosphere that was perfect for me to continue to grow. They provide sincere personalised career development rather than  just fulfilling quotas. 

Site Engineer

CTC gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to work on the largest construction project in South Australia's history.  The CTC team provided great support and encouragement for me to kick start my career in the construction industry.  

Site Engineer

My experience with CTC has been excellent in these early days of my career. I graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2015, which was quite a down time for most industries across SA. It was very daunting and at the same time disheartening to see the poor market condition. 

I got in touch with Chris Tan as was recommended by my piers and within a matter of a couple of weeks, I started working with one of the biggest civil contractor in Australia by CTC's help and support. I have been in touch with CTC for the past 2 years keeping an eye on better market opportunities through the team as they have supported me all the way through my first steps in the industry."

Civil Designer

Highly professional and proficient, if you a looking for someone who goes the extra mile look no further. 


Great company, the go to people for architectural roles in SA. Very informative and understand the Adelaide market, highly recommend

Civil Project Engineer

I have enjoyed a very good working relationship with the team at CTC for just under two years now, with a large majority of this time as a contractor on their payroll. They have provided me with great career advice and networking opportunities as a young professional and always have their fingers on the pulse in the Adelaide market and beyond. As a locally owned and managed business, CTC offer genuine care and are always very personable and down to earth, whilst maintaining exceptionally high standards of professionalism for both candidates and employers alike.

Project Engineer

"Chris Tan not just a recruiter. He is a great mentor. He takes time to listen to the candidates. He had my interview for 45 minutes, gone through everything - my qualifications, each career episode, my interest, my career aspirations and then guided me through way forward to achieve those. I felt relieved after being listened to and committed to myself that I would not let Chris down should he place me for the job. Honestly, it is because of him that I am enjoying a successful career now with Australia's biggest infrastructure development company CPB Contractors. I have no words to express thankfulness for the guidance and support Chris Tan gave me. I recommend CTC to any candidate who is confident in his/her skills and looking for guidance."  



As a graduate, fresh out of uni, it can be overwhelming trying to find a company that has the expertise to help forge the career you want - it is difficult getting to know the industry from the outside. Chris Tan Consulting provided a wealth of industry knowledge and an unbiased opinion to help steer me towards a company that is exactly what I wanted.


I used Chris when I was looking to take a step up in my career and wasn’t sure where to start. He was very helpful and informative with great knowledge of the Adelaide market and lots of connections in the Industry. He made the process easy and doesn’t apply any pressure on you to make any decisions too quickly.


I am immensely grateful for the outstanding services provided by Chris Tan Consulting. Chris has a thorough knowledge of the Adelaide job market, and successfully assisted me in securing full-time employment in the field of civil engineering.


Graduate Architect

Working with CTC has been a pleasure. Chris has a great understanding of the architectural industry and his clients. Because of this he can help identify opportunities.  

Project Engineer

Count on me to give your contact to any people I see could need your services. You gave me an opportunity when nobody was even calling me, and now I work as PE in a 1st tier company. I will do my best to return the favor.


Civil Engineer

"Thank you very much Chris. You helped me to secure a position in the civil consulting industry which could not have come at a better time. I can't thank you enough for the level of timely and much needed support to give a momentum to my career development in the sector I always wanted to be in from my uni days. My life was very difficult as I was dividing my time between the country and the city for work and family commitment, just having a very young family. I am absolutely happy that I made a very right decision to knock on your door seeking help to give a new height to my career. Can I add this if I may, my family is more happy than I am as I landed in a great position with your incredible and prompt career advice followed by a recommendation to the company that I am currently employed by. If there is any one who has extended that kind, timely, friendly and professional career advice, it's you. It's just remarkable". 


Executive Assistant

Emily, I have meet with lots of Recruiters over the years and def a few here in Adelaide and I can honestly say some of them aren’t very nice or even that great at their job! You on the other hand were so welcoming and I felt you understood what I was looking for.


Site Engineer

I met with Kellie a few weeks ago, while having difficulty in my current job. Kellie immediately empowered me to make a change in my life and reassured me that my experience would be greatly valued elsewhere. Kellie is very in-tune with her clients needs, and was able to recommend to me a number of companies that would be suited to my personal values and career goals. I was very impressed that she was able to line up interviews within a week of our initial catch up, where she then personally campaigned for me with these companies to ensure that I got the best deal.

As a young woman in the construction industry, it is so important to feel that someone is on your side, and she did exactly that. I feel like i have found a mentor in her and have recommended her to other friends due to her impeccable customer service and professionalism.

 Kellie is an empowering and positive role model for people and really cares about her clients and makes sure they get the best possible service from her. 

Lead Engineer

Without even meeting me in person, Kellie noticed my potential and went into fight for a higher position for me whilst working for CTC. It was a comforting feeling to know that my work achievements were being recognised and awarded behind the scenes and this wouldn't of happened without Kellie's help. I started my role as a Site Engineer and left in a Project Management position. Working with Kellie has always been an easy and enjoyable task and when I contact her its like contacting a dear friend who is genuinely interested in my life both personally and professionally. I hope I get to work with Kellie again in the future. 



Site Engineer

I first had the pleasure of meeting Kellie at the start of 2016. Upon the completion of my tertiary studies in Civil/Structural Engineering at the University of Adelaide, I, like many of my peers, were looking for opportunities in what was a very challenging environment. Having expressed an interest in construction and project engineering with CT Consulting, I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Kellie about an opportunity with a tier 1 construction company. I had followed the progress of the hospital for quite some time, so I was beyond elated to be approached about the opportunity.  After a brief chat about the position, it was clear that this was going to be a fantastic opportunity for me, so there were no hesitations in accepting the position. Shortly after, Kellie had prepared all my documentation and ensured the efficient submission free of any hassle or miscommunication.



Site Engineer

Kellie’s professionalism and considerate nature were not limited to the recruitment process, nor throughout my employment. Kellie frequently kept in touch, often dropping a line to check how I was going as I explored future endeavors. I recall one occasion where I was experiencing some difficulty settling into a new workplace – Kellie went out of her way to keep my spirits high, always willing to chat whilst keeping me updated on other opportunities that came up.  This, above else, was the one quality which I admired the most in Kellie. She genuinely cared beyond her job description.



Site Engineer

Nearly three years on from my first encounter with Kellie and I’m incredibly grateful and humbled by the opportunities she afforded me. She provided me with that “foot in the door” in a difficult job environment, and I’m very much where I am today thanks to her. She had no obligation to act beyond role, however, she willingly did, with this a true expression of her kind-hearted nature.




Site Engineer

I met with Kellie a few weeks ago. Kellie immediately empowered me to make a change in my life and reassured me that my experience would be greatly valued elsewhere. Kellie is very in-tune with her client's needs and was able to recommend to me a number of companies that would be suited to my personal values and career goals. I was very impressed that she was able to line up interviews within a week of our initial catch up, where she then personally campaigned for me with these companies to ensure that I got the best deal.

As a young woman in the construction industry, it is so important to feel that someone is on your side, and she did exactly that. I feel like I have found a mentor in her and have recommended her to other friends due to her impeccable customer service and professionalism.

Kellie is an empowering and positive role model for people and really cares about her clients and makes sure they get the best possible service from her. 


Site Manager


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time yesterday.

I found you a very pleasant easy to talk to person, you have an excellent persona and charisma.  

Your approach to the interview was very relaxing, your questions and how you drilled down into areas that were not on my resume that had the potential and the relevance to positions that you had in mind.

I walked away from your interview very confident that you had an understanding of my experience and capabilities. Furthermore, I would like to add that was the best interview I have participated in. I certainly learnt a lot from you,  Thank you.