CTC Difference

Why CTC?

Our business never loses sight of the fact that clients should only be paying a recruitment company to either save time and or to help identify, attract and secure a candidate that they couldn’t get through their own means. 

CTC are energetic, committed and hungry to establish long term relationships where we truly add value and help people and organisations. We are innovative and willing to adapt our services to suit your needs.

Our recruiters have all been with CTC for over 9 years and are 100% committed to developing rewarding people and community outcomes. 

What is our success based on?

Broadly three key areas: What we know, who we know and most significantly the respect and influence we have within our specialist markets.

  1. What we know: Because CTC consultants specialise and spend all day talking to people in their respective sector; they build up an unrivalled knowledge of projects, companies, opportunities, career paths etc… This enables us to provide genuine advice to clients and candidates which in turn builds greater relationships and more referrals.
  2. Who we know: Our philosophy is to build long term relationships with everyone in our respective sectors. Most of our competitors only populate their database with people who apply to adverts and are actively looking for work. Our network is the entire market. Because we build relationships through helping people and providing market advice we receive extensive referrals and people can see the benefit in having a relationship with us irrespective of recruitment. Knowing the entire market helps us advise clients more accurately and ensures we are doing everything possible to attract the most suitable person in the market.
  3. Respect & Influence: In today’s internet driven world a recruiters net worth is less about just their network and more about the influence and respect they have within that network. Because of points one and two above and because we put others best interests first we have an unrivalled level of respect and influence within our specialist sectors. We understand what people want and clients and candidates value our advice and listen to our recommendations. This in turn helps us to break down perceptions and to persuade the most suitable candidates to consider their best career opportunities.

In summary CTC’s philosophy has always been to take the “sales” out of recruitment and to genuinely help people. This could be helping people to realise and achieve their career aspirations or helping organisations to market their services and attract and retain the most suitable staff. This approach has resulted in an extensive network and most significantly an unrivalled level of influence within that network.

Our approach to business can be simplified in the following chart:

Instead of focussing on selling and what’s in it for us we simply focus on listening, understanding and genuinely trying to help people. We treat everyone the same: Client’s, Candidates, Supplier’s, Colleagues. This honest and ethical approach results in a spiral of success based on trust, respect, referrals, ever increasing market knowledge and an unrivalled network.