Property Manager

Property Manager

About the business

This job represents an excellent opportunity for an experienced property manager who loves dealing with clients and helping them with their investment properties and work for a progressive and well established real estate agency in the western suburbs.

About the role

You'll be working with a small team consisting of the team leader of property management who manages a north-eastern portfolio with a junior property manager, a person who specialises in growing the portfolio acting as the business development manager and support from a dedicated inspections manager who carries out all the routines giving you more time and energy to focus on just managing clients.  There are around 400 properties in the business and with the support from these team-members, you'll be responsible for managing your own clients without the pressure of signing up new listings, having to do routines or opens after hours or weekends.

Benefits and perks

This employer values the role of the property manager as critical to their business as many sales come from their investors either directly or through referrals. Therefore the salary can be up to $60k+ and a car can be provided or allowance whatever you prefer.

Skills and experience

You'll bring your forward thinking preventative maintenance approach through your passion for detailed inspections, your consultative style with clients on situations involving sacat process with the aim of not having to go this path, knowledge of the western suburbs and price sensitivities. You can spot good tenants and minimise future issues with thorough ref checks of income and lifestyle and build a relationship so they tell you well in advance when they starting to think about moving, buying etc. Candidates with a qualification in property management will be preferred.

 If you feel this role is right for you and you'd like to have a discussion as to it's suitability please contact Andrew on 0431744823 anytime. Calls will be treated confidentially

For more information please contact Andrew Robertson.

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