Textile Technician

Textile Technician

Visa sponsorship considered for an exceptionally skilled textile technician / Knitting- experienced textile technician / Experience working in English-spoken organisations

Ennio International are on the lookout for an extremely skilled and experienced textile technician, with the ability to work with and manage knitting equipment. Ennio International would provide a sponsorship opportunity to relocate suitable textile technicians who meet the required experience.

This role requires a textile technician with a history of experience working with Weft or Warp knitting machines, or experience in sock knitting and hosiery. It is important for the applicant to hold strong English-speaking skills, gained through working or studying in western organisations or countries.

Ennio International are a family owned and operated industry leader within the textile industry. With a focus on using knitting expertise to create elastic packaging to the food packaging and medical sectors. This role is based in South Australia where the Ennio International headquarters are operated. Ennio International have plant operations located in South Australia, Mexico and are looking to expand to the USA. This is a great opportunity for a textile technician to develop leading industry insights and training from around the world.

In this role, you will be responsible for the management of knitting machines, working to set-up and maintain the efficiency of the machines. You will assist Ennio International’s research and development team by providing insights into new products, machinery efficiency and optimisation.
  • Category: Defence & Technology
  • Location: Adelaide
  • Work Type: Permanent / Full Time

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