Ascertain & Achieve Career Aspirations

Our philosophy is very simple. Helping you identify your career and lifestyle aspirations and then supporting you in achieving your goals. For us, it is about building a long-term relationship based on trust, respect and genuinely adding value. Hopefully, we can have some fun along the way as well.

When is a good time to contact CTC?

Talking to a CTC consultant isn’t about wanting to move jobs but rather about making contact with a well-networked career mentor who understands your industry. A consultant who listens, asks probing and challenging questions and ultimately helps you to make the right decisions. Most of the people we work with are very happily employed and aren't looking for work. They do however appreciate the benefit of expanding their network, keeping up to date with the market and regularly discussing their career.

Unfortunately, it is often the most talented individuals who do the least career planning. We would recommend that every 2-3 years it is worth sitting down with a CTC specialist over a coffee. Talking to CTC absolutely does not mean you are unhappy and looking to leave your job. In fact waiting till you are unhappy before considering your long term career and lifestyle options is not ideal. Talking to CTC is about discussing what you want from your career. We can discuss what lifestyle you want, what energises and de-energises you and the various realities (positives & negatives) of your career options. Of course, things change but having a goal to work towards and being aware of the true implications of your chosen career path will make you more likely to succeed.

Once we know what people value and are working towards we can then ascertain the best path. Usually, the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence and 9 times out of 10 we recommend people to stay where they are. We can still work with you and empower you to achieve within your current organisation.

So when is a good time to have a confidential chat with CTC? Anytime you want to discuss options and clarify career goals. Typically we would suggest 2-3 years into your first job and every 2-3 years thereafter. Please don’t wait till you are unhappy and actively looking.

What is the process, what does it cost?

Feel free to call CTC anytime for a confidential discussion. It costs you nothing apart from your time, and you’ll probably get a free coffee. The initial discussion will be clarifying what you want and the best career path to suit your values, passions, skills and lifestyle. If we jointly feel that your best interests may be served by moving jobs we will then discuss a strategy to achieve this. This could be applying for a current job or marketing you to specific organisations or perhaps a longer-term approach whereby we contact you in the future when relevant positions become available. CTC are your career partners with the sole objective of helping you to achieve the right goals for you. Meeting CTC is therefore the start of a journey.

So how does this work for CTC?

At CTC we have no KPI’s or sales targets. Success is measured by the quality of relationships and the amount of value we can add. Our consultants are passionate about helping people and genuinely care. In addition, because we specialise and retain our staff the more we learn from people the more we can pass on this knowledge to others. When you have been working with the same discipline for over 20 years you gain an incredible insight into career options and the implications of various career decisions. Providing the right advice, with your best interests as the priority, builds trust, respect, relationships and referrals and this is what ultimately drives our business model. 

Why not just apply to positions directly, why do I need CTC?

Of course, you can apply to advertised jobs directly and even market your services to companies directly. CTC can however offer the following advantages:

  • Save you time: We have direct, long-standing, trusted relationships with the relevant decision makers and can manage applications and chase feedback quickly and efficiently. We know of jobs before they are advertised and know who is and isn’t recruiting at any particular time.
  • Access to more opportunities: Advertised positions are only a small percentage of the opportunities available. We are tracking projects and working closely with companies often creating positions through the strength of our relationships.
  • Impartial advice in ascertaining the right opportunities: Helping you set career goals and then honestly discussing the track record and cultures of companies from years of feedback.
  • Higher success rate: Our clients trust our opinion and value our input. In addition, we know what they value and are looking for. This puts us in a better position to market you and your values and talents. Having a CTC consultant passionately and eloquently represent you is far more effective compared to an email application and CV open to incorrect perceptions.
  • Confidential meeting as opposed to formal interview: If you apply for a position you are implying that you are looking for work and interested in the specific job. This may be far from true. CTC are able to call trusted clients and discuss your circumstances more along the lines of: “I’ve had a long chat with her and she is really happy where she is, she would however be happy to have a no commitment coffee with you just to make contact for the future and to learn more about your organisation.” This approach gives you more control and allows you to test the water and ascertain whether you want to proceed further without breaking confidences or letting people down.
  • Feedback and negotiation: Employers will discuss things with us they might not discuss directly with you and vice versa. Sometimes opportunities don’t eventuate based on wrong perceptions. We can act as a go-between ensuring the match is right and that both parties fully understand each other. In addition, many people find discussing terms uncomfortable. We do this daily and are well served to represent your best interests.
  • CV, LinkedIn and interview advice: For a small fee a specialist CTC consultant can help create your CV, LinkedIn Profile and provide interview and application advice and training.

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