Attract & Retain Quality Staff

Put simply CTC are committed to helping you in any way we can. Typically this involves working with you to promote and build your team. Whilst we derive our income from permanent and contract recruitment, mergers & acquisitions and HR Consulting; arguably our greatest service to you is promoting your interests and championing your agendas. This could be passing business leads to you, recommending you to your potential future clients, providing industry and project news and positively representing you when talking to candidates. Many of the services we offer; you may never see. We will be promoting your business on a daily basis to people we never end up sending to you. CTC are passionate advocates for our business partners, we work with people and companies we believe in and try to have some fun along the way as well. 

Recruitment Services

With every interaction, CTC will recommend and advise the best approach for your best interests.

  • Marketing candidates: Often the very highest calibre candidates are passively or actively looking when you may not have briefed us on a specific vacancy. This might be someone coming home from interstate or overseas or someone who has approached CTC for career advice. When instructed to do so CTC will professionally promote these individuals to our partner clients. As our business model is to build relationships with everyone in the market, working with CTC provides you access to the very best talent all the time.
  • Contingency recruitment: With no up-front cost, we can provide candidates free of charge for an interview to compare against other shortlisted applicants. You would only pay an introduction fee if you employed the CTC candidate.
  • Retained: Full executive search and selection
  • Hourly rate: Working as an HR Consultant or in-house recruiter as part of your team.
    This service is intended to save you time by writing, posting adverts and managing and shortlisting applicants. Engaging CTC on an hourly rate would typically work well if the role was advert responsive, or if you wanted to test the market to avoid paying a recruitment fee to someone who would have applied to an advert. This can be effective when combined with Contingent recruitment where the maximum you would pay would be the standard contingent fee but you might end up just paying for a couple of hours work.
  • Contract: Supplying and pay-rolling of subcontract casual staff.
  • Training & HR Services: With qualified and experienced consultants CTC can customise group or individual training and HR services to suit your requirements.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Knowing the market and as a respected and trusted friend and long-term business partner to many business owners, CTC gain unrivalled company information. This puts us in an ideal position to bring businesses together for mutual benefit.