CTC Events

CTC Events


The CTC- Out and about (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Networking Events, Awards and Travel)

  CTC celebrating with Kellie Horton, on winning the award for 'Woman in Business' for NAWIC


  CTC - Client visit in New Zealand 2019                             


  CTC- Attending the RCSA awards in Noosa 2018



             MELBOURNE CUP EVENT 2017

                                               CTC WORK ANNIVERSARY


                                                     CTC - BIRTHDAYS

2019 - CTC ventured out to the wine center to celebrate Chris's birthday - followed by a scooter ride back to work. Happy Birthday Chris

Birthday Celebrations 2018 

Happy Birthday Em                                                            Kellie and Andys Birthday  2018


Birthday Celebrations 2017 - Happy Birthday Kev