Interview Tip- Andrew Robertson

Interview Tip- Andrew Robertson



Having helped hundreds of candidates with interview preparation, I wanted to share the feedback I received from an interviewer’s perspective.

I spoke to 9 Principal Architects about how they choose architectural graduates & many of their comments relate to anyone going for an interview for any position.

What do you primarily look for in graduates straight from university?

1)    5 out of the 9 Principals, said PERSONALITY.

Firstly, these employers look for  ‘intellectual curiosity’.  Intellectual curiosity could be demonstrated through your interests, hobbies, any volunteer work you’ve completed, but the best thing as an Architect is to demonstrate your depth of thinking behind the best designs in your portfolio.  This can tell the employer a lot about your personality.

2)     Your ability to work UNASSISTED

Demonstrate any projects, tasks, or jobs where you haven’t required direct supervision.

 3)     Being CONFIDENT 

This comes from proper interview preparation!

  • Research the company, your interviewer.  Go to their website, check out their history, how they began, their key projects. (This will help generate your own set of questions.)
  • Show enthusiasm by talking about all the things you’re looking forward to in the role. (This demonstrates your interest in the company & team and this will help them be interested in you.)

Remember that people recruit people they LIKE & who will fit with their team and culture.


Talking clearly and dressing appropriately for the interview (If you're unsure, go to their website and review their most senior male or female profile photo and copy them)

Other factors included

  • Appropriate make-up
  • Body language 
  • Eye contact
  • Taking a notepad & pen
  • Following up with a thank you email, or even handwritten note goes a long way to separating you from the crowd.

That’s it for now, but I am looking forward to rolling out more tips around applying and preparing for job interviews.