CTC Little Miss & Mr Men characters

CTC Little Miss & Mr Men characters


Over the past 6 months, the CTC team have undergone various online tests and personal reflections. We really wanted to understand more about who we are, who we want to be, and what our contribution is within the team.

Understanding these aspects helps us support and empathise with each other. Sometimes it’s as simple as what should we do when someone is having a bad day or how can we better support someone’s personal aspirations. We have gathered a mountain of data and have learnt so much about ourselves, and each other. We have learnt and understood far more about team dynamics and how to effect cultural change. Most significantly everything is real and personal to who we are and what we individually and collectively want.

The final challenge was to summarise our journey in images… the result was the Little Ms. & Mr. Men characters.

People, culture and team dynamics are our passion and we will keep learning; this journey has undoubtedly helped us. We hope that it will also help us learn from, support, and consult with you.

Introducing the team- Can you guess who is who?



Mr Gardener - Chris Tan

 Little Miss Sunshine - Kellie Horton



Little Miss Organised

 Mr Mischief - Kevin O'Callaghan


Mr Rush - Andrew Robertson