Chris Tan

Chris Tan

Originally from Bath, Chris graduated from Manchester University in 1993 and then spent 4 years working as a Sales Manager for an Industrial Combustion Engineering company in the North of England.

In 1997 he moved to London and joined one of the world's largest engineering recruitment companies. He was rapidly promoted to Associate Director, managing an office of 18 recruiters. During his eight years with them, he managed and significantly grew the following divisions: Oil & Gas; Piping, Mechanical & Subsea, Building Services, Civil & Structural, and finally Architectural.

In 2004 Chris migrated to South Australia, with his Australian wife. He turned down an opportunity to set up an Australian division with his previous company and instead opted to broaden his horizons by joining a different organisation. Chris was charged with developing an engineering division from scratch. At the time of his resignation, Chris had successfully built and trained a team of 4 consultants which primarily serviced Adelaide's engineering consultancies.

For Chris business is very simple; take sales and commercial gain off the table and rather approach every relationship with the intent of listening, understanding, and then trying to empower and promote. Chris genuinely cares and is motivated by helping people in any small way. Providing honest, ethical, impartial advice builds trust and relationships and this is the essence of CTC. Chris's vision is to build a highly respected recruitment consultancy that adds genuine value to the industry. It is his dream to have a company that both clients and candidates are happy to be openly associated with irrespective of whether they are actively recruiting or looking to move jobs.

Chris is an enthusiastic convert to living in Adelaide and he takes every opportunity to promote South Australia. With 2 teenage girls and a rapidly growing son, he is kept busy enough supporting their multiple activities. As for his passions… naturally growing up in Bath his passion is Rugby Union but after well over a decade in Adelaide, he is slowly learning to appreciate AFL.

The best part of the job? Learning from and having fun with the many people I work with and meet over great food and drink. If my ramblings help people that is a bonus!

Dream holiday? Skiing with the family in the Swiss Alps followed by a scotch in front of a real fire, whilst it snows outside (if only!).

Favourite food? I love food and eat anything! If I had to choose I guess I get most excited by Asian or Fusion food. I love trying new places and have the ideal job for this!

Discipline Responsibility: Architecture, Civil & Environmental, Mechanical, Piping, Pipeline & Mining Engineers, Client-Side Project Managers, Business Development, Executive & Management.

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