Emily Wood

Emily Wood

Emily is passionate about people and has a really uncanny ability to get to the bottom of what makes someone tick and working out who they are. Is this her Degree in Psychology followed by a Diploma in Human Resources and experience as an in house recruiter? Possibly…. but to be honest Emily is an absolute natural. Most significantly she is genuinely interested in people and genuinely cares.

Joining the established CTC team in 2016 could not have been easy but pretty much from day one she was one of the family.

As the Head of Culture and Operations, she has made huge improvements to our systems and processes and is helping to build a more professional organisation ready for the next decade of growth. Whether this is in payroll, quality, database management, social media, events, or supporting the recruitment team. She is the perfect senior administrator in that she proactively implements systems that make everyone’s life easier, more efficient and more secure. 

Whilst Emily is super organised and incredibly efficient; she is an absolute natural in recruitment. Looking after our office support functions she has high standards and exemplary ethics. Her ability to match quality people to suit varying corporate cultures and demands is very rare. In the high paced, high turnover commercial world of office support, Emily is so completely different to the majority of her market peers. She sees things from the employers and employees perspective and fully understands that it’s not “just a bum on a seat.” Office support is integral to business success and often the foundation of office culture.

This passion for people, positive and grounded personality flows through to her life away from work where she is of course as equally caring and keen to help her friends and family succeed; the shoulder to cry on, the great listener, the motivator. She loves self-development, books and courses in conventional and alternative methodologies. Whether this is palmistry, oracle and tarot cards or her fascination with different faiths and religion. 

With two children Emily is always busy and CTC is delighted that her exemplary work ethics, high energy, fun-loving positive energy and passion for crystals have become part of our CTC family.

Best part of your job? – The people I work with every day and that no two days are the same, we are always busy but always ensuring that we are having a good time in doing so.

Dream Holiday? Definitely on my bucket list is doing the Greek mythology tour of Athens but if it were a relaxing only holiday then definitely the Maldives

Favourite Food? I couldn’t pick just one food- I love all food.

Discipline Responsibility: Administration and office support roles.