Kellie Horton

Kellie Horton

As Managing Director of CTContracting Services, senior consultant at CTC, mum of two, fitness enthusiast and leadership trainer, Kellie Horton wears many hats but she wears them all with style! Kellie brings enthusiasm, flair, passion and drive to the recruitment and management team and she brings them in spades.

Joining CTC in 2008 Kellie has enhanced the core CTC philosophies for a decade. Her genuine care for people really sets her apart. People open up to her and love her warm and friendly fun loving approach. Many of her work relationships become great lifelong friends. Her understanding of what people are really looking for out of life and employment coupled with her innate ability to identify company cultures makes her a really valuable person to talk to. Specialising in the Construction industry Kellie has been able to use her relationship building expertise to excellent effect, creating a network like no other. She brings that network and understanding to all meetings, acting as a vital cog within the Industry.

Starting CTContracting Services in 2014, Kellie has evolved into an outstanding Managing Director. She has worked tirelessly to bring a specialised, cost-effective and personable payroll and contract recruitment service to consultants and contractors of all levels. CTContracting Services has been CTC’s most significant development and the credit for this firmly rests with Kellie.

Kellie brings a wealth of experience to help her network. She has been employed directly by a Tier 1 Builder and gained over 20 years of recruitment experience, including managing major Government recruitment campaigns. In addition she has worked in Indigenous Engagement acted as a leadership coach, board member, event organiser, charity fund raiser, support person, career advisor and mentor. She brightens the lives of all those that know her.

When she is not working you will find Kellie acting as Super-Mum and Friend or dancing at Pink Concerts…these pursuits do unfortunately keep her from indulging in her greatest passion of shopping!   

Best part of your job:  Helping people achieve their lifetime goals in the workforce

Dream Holiday:  New York shopping all day or sipping champagne at Greek Islands

Favourite Food:   Freshly cooked crabs

Discipline Responsibility:   Construction and Executive Recruitment


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