Kevin O’Callaghan

Kevin O’Callaghan

Kevin joined CTC in June 2008 with the aim of building long lasting relationships in the Engineering and Construction industries. Adelaide born and bred, Kevin found the CTC philosophies of looking after the Candidate’s best interests and taking an honest and ethical approach to Recruitment very refreshing. His mix of studies in Business and Human Resources ties in nicely with CTC’s broader passion for advising in corporate structure, succession planning, internal review and strategy. First and foremost however, Kevin feels that as a Recruiter his primary objective is to help people, whether that be finding the right role, assisting with career planning or developing a recruitment strategy.

Initially specialising in CAD and Design, Kevin has been able to take on the daunting task of inheriting the Building Engineering portfolio including Building Services, Structural Engineering, associated Project Management and assisting Chris in Architecture. Focussing on people, his honest, relaxed and friendly style has resulted in him developing strong relationships and an enviable network.  Kevin brings to CTC a passion and enthusiasm for ensuring each and every individual's best interests are explored, understood and ultimately catered for.

With a growing Family outside of CTC, Kevin’s interests seem to be morphing into the mundane adventures of renovation and administration rather than pursuing sporting excellence (which always seemed to evade him). He is the playing President of his beloved Mercedes Old Scholars Camels in the Turf Cricket Association and would like to get out to support the Mercedes Unley Jets more often next year! Now that Gary Ablett Jnr has returned he might one day get around to renewing his Geelong Cats Membership as well.

Dream Holiday: New York for a pizza.

Favourite Food:  See above…

Discipline Responsibility:        Building Engineering and Design – Structural, Building Services, Project Management, Digital Engineering & Architecture


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